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“Conto Termico 2.0”, the name by which experts identify Ministerial Decree of 16.02.2016, encourages small interventions for energy efficiency improving and for thermal energy production from renewable sources.

The subject who has covered the intervention expenditure will receive the incentive by a transfer to its bank account in annual rates lasting up to 5 years if they are private entities (companies, individuals, buildings). The Public Administration will receive it in one single payment.

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The incentive is calculated as follows:

  • For energy efficiency improvement interventions (only if carried out on public buildings by public administrations or by E.S.Co. through EPC contracts), it is received in one single payment at the end of the works, or partially received in advance in some cases, and covers up to 55 % of the incurred costs.
  • For small interventions on thermal energy production from renewable sources and high efficiency systems, it can cover up to 65 % of the incurred costs, and it is calculated in base of the installed generators size, the foreseen thermal energy production of the installed plant/system in function of size and climate zone, and in base of coefficients of the produced energy valorisation.

In some cases, the editing of an Energy Audit pre-intervention is required together with post intervention Certificates of Energy Performance.

The Local Authority must authorize regularly any intervention in order to permit incentives, and the intervention must also be regularly planned.


The incentive regards all the private subjects who wish to run a plant installation for renewable thermal sources, such as thermal collectors, biomass generators, or heat pump systems, and all the public entities who intend to pursue an energy efficiency intervention on a building in their possession.

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SACEE offers services in the “Conto Termico” field which can also be used by efficiency system suppliers (ROBUR e RAVARA, two leaders in the sectors of gas heat pumps and biomass system, who rely on SACEE for their client’s incentive measures) and by plan developers in order to increase the chances of promoting their products and services to end customers.

Some subjects can book the incentive. The Public Administration that has performed an Energy Audit and approved an efficiency intervention analysed within it, or that has concluded an agreement with CONSIP S.p.A. (the initiative of Consip currently in force is called “Servizio integrato energia 3”, Integrated energy service 3) or with the regional acquisition central for the assignment of energy service, is given the opportunity to book the incentive through a preventive form application. If the Public Administration makes a request, SACEE will use the procedure when possible, as a further advantage and guarantee for the clients in terms of obtaining the incentive.

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