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SACEE do not manufacture or sell Cogeneration plants, but has vast experience in preparing feasibility studies and sizing High Performance Cogeneration systems (CAR), as well as in connection practices, tax relief, and incentives.

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Our service includes the following activities:

  • Analysis through Energy Audit of the user’s electrical, thermal, and cooling consumption patterns;
  • Analysis of current costs associated with energy vectors and any potential for optimization;
  • Determine the Cogeneration or Trigeneration system compatible with the end users’ needs, and High Performance (CAR) checks;
  • Energy balance succeeding the installation of the Cogeneration or Trigeneration system;
  • Economic balance sheet related to the installation of the Cogeneration or Trigeneration system;
  • Relief request from excise duties;
  • SEU qualification request;
  • Bureaucratic procedures for connection and incentives.

The Cogeneration units, only if High Performance (CAR), can access “Certificati Bianchi” conforming to the conditions and procedures found in Ministerial decree of 5 September 2011.


SACEE gives the necessary support, above all independent from a specific supplier, to those companies and those individuals who are looking for solutions in terms of energy cost reduction, and who approach the issue of cogeneration without the necessary technical and economic expertise needed.

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The most suitable use of cogeneration is in cases with a high thermal load combined with a constant electricity demand (food industries, paper mills, wellness centre, hospitals, sports centres, etc.). Also in different cases a correct sizing and a well-considered utilization of the cogeneration system can lead to considerable economic advantages. For example, cogeneration systems applied to residential or tertiary sectors suffer from the fact that the thermal user requires energy only in a limited period of the year, when it is necessary to provide for the heating of buildings. This means that in the warmer months you should hold the cogeneration plant or operate it by dissipating the produced heat. Both conditions are damaging to the plants economic efficiency and to the overall feasibility. Since during the summer these users demand refrigerating energy to allow the cooling of buildings, the correct choice is usually that of sizing a trigeneration system, in other words a system able to simultaneously produce electricity, heating, and cooling.

Geographical distribution

of cogeneration plants in Italy

Decree of September 5, 2011


Decree of August 4, 2011


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