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SACEE is entitled to request, obtain, and sell “Certificati Bianchi” or Titoli di Efficienza Energetica (TEE), which are negotiable securities achievable through energy saving measures in the final use of energy. SACEEs task is to identify and/or plan energy efficiency interventions on behalf of the clients, to submit the documents relating to the interventions through the GSE portal, to provide all the information regarding the investigation of the matter to RSE or directly to GSE, and then once the “certificati bianchi” are approved by GSE, sell them to the obliged subjects on the TEE market organized by GME (“Gestore Mercato Energetico”, Energy Market Manager).

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SACEE has handled successfully from its start-up the collection and sales activity of TEE, both in the “standard” mode (simplified request methodology) as in the “analytical” and “final balance” modes (the latter is a very complex and personalized request system for the TEE, used by very few companies in the field).


Specialized and UNI CEI 11352:2014 certified companies like SACEE can request “Certificati Bianchi”, as an incentive for any type of energy measure.

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Primarily in the industrial sector we find subjects interested in the incentive. They perform energy efficiency measures to the process or services to the process (compressed air, distribution pumps inverter etc.), measures for which it is not possible access other forms of incentives like “conto termico” and tax deduction.

Another interesting application of “Certificati Bianchi” concerns the replacement of lighting systems using LED.

Also, the Cogeneration Units, only High Efficiency, can access the “Certificati Bianchi” system conforming to the conditions and procedures determined by Ministerial Decree of 5 September 2011.

TEE recognized in 2016

by type of assistance (kTEE)

Ministerial Decree - 28 December 2012


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