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Consultancy and services of an E.S.Co in an engineering company

Energy Modeling of a building

Architectural Design and Modeling

Plant Design and Modeling

Light Design

EnergY service company


An E.S.Co is a company that provides its customers a set of integrated services to realize and, later on, to manage energy-saving measures, ensuring the promised outcome and savings. Sacee is an E.S.Co. certified UNI 11352 that employs EGE certified 11339.

EnergY Performance Contract

EPC contracts (Energy Performance Contracts)

Whenever we have the opportunity to operate as an E.S.C.o, we offer Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) that allow our customers to improve a building or a plant energy performance with guaranteed results. If requested, Sacee can also find funding channels to support the intervention. In this case, the remuneration of the expenditure will be through a “service cost” that coincides with a percentage of the measured energy savings.


Conceptual schema and typical activities

Engineering company

We employ various professionals, working as architects, engineers but also EGE specialized in different fields. We have organized our design services in more specific Departments, setting up the following ones:

  • DEA – Deals with Energy Design, Acoustic and Light Design
  • DPI – Plant design
  • DPA – Archhitectural design
  • DPS – Structural design

The 4 departments operate on individual designs and BIM orders, that are based on a collaborative work and on the transmission of the individual designer’s knowledge and skills Even before being a technological process, new software and data integration, BIM is a methodological change regarding design. It is a common environment that will be the only source of updated and monitored information, guaranteeing and coordinating its flow through procedures that allow a collaborative work approach, and that help spotting, at the same time, the different duties, roles and responsibilities.

A new design approach


We want to help our customers handle in a conscious way their energy, considering it not only as a further expense, but also as a financial opportunity that can lead to an improvement in the quality of their lives.
Our aim is to provide Consultancy and Design in BIM at high quality rate, in order to ensure the durability of the structure and the optimization of the business plan, reducing he time necessary to carry out the project.


Bridging the gap between designers and companies, citizens and institutions, men and environment.

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